Cart Testimonials

I get around 75 emails a day as Principal/AD and I generally go through them fairly fast by deleting, but when I got to the one from Quality Wood Designs it struck my eye.   We tried several years ago to manufacture our own shoulder pad stand.  Needless to say we need to stay in the education business and not in the manufacturing business as it was a bad design.  I visited with Quality Wood Designs about their shoulder pad cart and I placed an order for two of them.  They were delivered ahead of schedule, they are high quality, and look extremely sharp with the graphics on the side.  We are more than pleased with shoulder pad carts we purchased from Quality Wood Designs. 

Neil Goter


Wagner Community School

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We were looking for a way to make the most of the limited storage space that we have available to us in our school buildings.  We also wanted to have something that we could move easily and that would last for decades, yet still was affordable.  The systems that we had to perform these functions were either rusted out or were made so poorly that they could not handle the wear and tear that they were subjected to.  The possible replacement items that we had looked at elsewhere were beyond what we were able to fit into our limited budget.  For that reason we turned to Quality Wood Designs for help.  They are locally known for their quality work and are the supplier of functionally superior, quality products.  Their products and workmanship are second to none.  They have delivered to us garment, costume and uniform racks; football helmet storage carts; football pad storage racks; and other utility storage carts which we use in both our athletic and fine arts departments.  All of these carts are assembled on a platform which has high quality caster wheels which will make your life easier when checking out, checking in, sorting, and taking inventory of your equipment.  With the products that we have received from Quality Wood Designs, we have been able to take multiple storage areas in our activities department and consolidate them and make that equipment more portable, organized and manageable.  I highly recommend these products based on their quality of components, workmanship and their value.

Geoff Gross

Mitchell School District

Activities Director

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